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VW ID. Buzz Cargo

VW ID. Buzz – finally it’s here!

In March 2022, the “ID. Buzz” as a bus and “ID. Buzz Cargo” as a van were presented. Advance sales are also in full swing. Production has started and the first vehicles will be delivered to buyers in Europe and the USA this fall, although there are bottlenecks in the supply chain. The first examples from series production have now been presented to the press.

VW ID. Buzz
VW ID. Buzz

A tribute to the T1

The ID. Buzz borrows its design from the T1, the first VW Bulli, but runs purely on electricity. Many design elements are reminiscent of the classic, with which many people had their first experience in a van or bus. That brings back fond memories. What’s more, there are so-called “iconization symbols” in various places in the car that are reminiscent of the original.

Of course, the ID. Buzz is equipped with the latest forward-looking technology for the future.

Buzz – The sustainable people carrier

The ID. Buzz as a “bus” offers space for five people and all their luggage for travel, sports and everyday life. Each person has a single seat with an armrest facing the inside of the vehicle. There are two seats in the front. The row of seats in the rear, with three seats, can be folded down in a 40/60 ratio, which, in the event, frees up a large loading area. This row of seats can also be moved forward or backward up to 150 mm. The “bus” has two sliding doors as standard, which are electrically operated. And, of course, two doors in front. The trunk is accessible through a large tailgate.

VW ID. Buzz Cargo
VW ID. Buzz Cargo

Buzz Cargo – sustainable transporter also for the “last mile

The new ID. Buzz Cargo is one of the most sustainable “transporters” – a robust high-tech tool for trades, fleets and companies, or simply anyone who wants to transport something. The “Cargo” has three seats in the front, a single seat for the driver and a double bench seat for the two passengers. The driver’s compartment is separated from the cargo area by a partition wall. There is a sliding door on the passenger side as standard and a wide-opening tailgate at the rear. Optionally, it can also be ordered with a second sliding door on the driver’s side and two rear wing doors that open 180 degrees to the closed position. The cargo space almost up to 3,900 liters and can accommodate two EURO pallets. The weight to be loaded is 650 kg.

Great range and power

The ID. Buzz / ID. Buzz Cargo offers up to 423/425 km range (according to WLTP), a low Cw value of 0.29 and 150 kW (204 hp) power. VW itself states the “real range”, i.e. in everyday use, as about 330 km. The e-drive immediately provides its maximum torque of 310 Nm. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is 10.2 seconds. The vehicle is electronically locked at a top speed of 145 km/h. The e-motor is integrated in the rear axle, so you experience a typical driving behavior that does not affect the steering. As a result, it also achieves a small turning circle of just 11.1 meters. The weight is distributed centrally in the vehicle, resulting in a rich and neutral ride.

VW ID. Buzz Cargo
VW ID. Buzz Cargo

Charged up to 80 % in 30 minutes

Both ID. Buzz can be charged with up to 170 kW when using a DC fast charging station. At compatible DC fast charging stations, both models can also be charged via “Plug & Charge”; they communicate with the charging station via the charging plug – activation and billing are automatic, without charging cards or apps. Charging at home or at work is possible at up to 11 kW with alternating current. When positioning the charging port, care was taken to ensure that both the sliding door on the passenger side and the rear wing doors (cargo) can be fully opened during the charging process. So you can even charge on site or construction while loading and unloading. In Europe, the common plug-in system CCS is used.

VW ID. Buzz
VW ID. Buzz

Extensive equipment and options

Of course, the ID. Buzz is equipped with the latest software. The series vehicles all come with version 3.2, which can be updated “over the air” when there is news and need. Therefore, one can also, as an option, use the latest assistance systems such as the “Travel Assist”, “Park Assist Plus”, “Car2x” or the “Front Assist”.

Genuine “Made in Germany”. The new ID. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo are produced together at the German plant in Hanover, the headquarters of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

In Switzerland, the five-seater ID. Buzz Pro starts from CHF 67,860 (incl. VAT), the ID. Buzz Cargo from 59,633.- CHF ( incl. VAT). Both are available to order since July 2022. 


The ID. Buzz / ID. Buzz Cargo comes across as a modern, electric and iconic vehicle. Many will love it because it combines a beautiful design with truly practical utility. “Form follows function” – this central tenet of automotive design – also applies to the design of the ID. Buzz. Many small thoughtful, practical helpers that are built in will make it easier to use. In addition, attention has also been paid to sustainability in manufacturing. Many elements are made of recycled material. One can say a successful piece of mobility for the future with design connection to a beautiful and successful past.

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